An unconference in trains throughout Europe to grow your professional nomadic practices.

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NomadConfEU (formerly NomadOpenEU)

An unconference throughout Europe to grow your professional nomadic practices… and to spend a good time between ephemeral coworking in trains and meeting local communities!

Paris - Barcelone near the Sainte-Lucie island

When, where, how much?

The first edition took place in August 2017. If you’re interested in the second edition (dates TBA), send an email to!

Visualize the trip

It is possible to participate in the adventure from one end to the other, or only for some of the segments:

Segment Departure Full fare Duration Actual participants count
Paris Thursday 17 August, 08:30 69 € 3h 4
Bordeaux Friday 18 August, 15:00 36 € 4h30 4
San Sebastián Saturday 19 August, 07:30 55 € 5h30 0
Barcelona Monday 21 August, 07:30 69 € 5h 0
Lyon Tuesday 22 August, 10:00 56 € 6h 0
Francfort Wednesday 23 August, 14:00 49 € 4h15 0

Barcelone - Nice way at Antibes station

You should come if…

  • You want to follow your two feet.
  • You want to work on a train.
  • You want to meet people.
  • You are welcoming.
  • You are curious.

You should not come if you want to receive training to become digital nomad. There will be no teachers, only attendees  :)


Want to get on the train? Want to welcome the group during a stop (to discover a city, a local community…)? A question? Write an email to contact{AT}

What we will talk about

Materials and best practices

  • Connectivity: phone plans and devices.
  • Bags: what to take and what to carry.
  • Accommodation: exchange, rental, hotel, hostel, friends …
  • Cooking without a kitchen.
  • Projectors and secondary screens.
  • Wifi proxy.
  • MOSH (Mobile Shell).

Great Thoughts

  • Is the term “nomad” pertinent?
  • Is the term “open” the most relevant?


  • FriendlyPlaces: collaboratively referencing spaces that are welcoming and compatible with our practices.


What you’ll want to talk about! Propose a topic, now or during the ride!

The Milan - Paris way